In her twenty two years of experience, Dr Bhavi Mody has been able to master the treatment of Women and Children, as they make majority of her patients.

Homeopathy is a sweet solution to every woman’s bitter ailments. It is safe, natural and effective remedy to offer women of all age and walks. It harnesses the hormones and emotions and puts one on the road to recovery effectively at each stage of life – puberty, pregnancy, pre-menopause and post-menopause.

So it is important for women, to turn to homeopathy when required. With time women have evolved and excelled in various roles from a home maker to a Working women. Juggling between these roles, trying to put her best foot forward as a Mother, Wife, Daughter, and DAUGHTER-IN –LAW and at work generates immense Stress. Homeopathy helps not only with the physical symptoms but also helps managing the stress that SHE undergoes. Its action being on the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine Axis takes care of the physical and mental sphere both.

Women undergoes a lot of hormonal changes through her life time. These affect mood and temperament too. Women suffering from menstrual complaints, fibroids, cysts, PCOS etc. have lot of hormonal upheavals.
Dr Bhavi with her Care, Concern and lifestyle modification guidance has been able to give remarkable results in these cases.


“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Indeed!! Very true.

Pregnancy is one of the most important phase of a woman’s life. The concern is not just about the mother- to -be’s health but also the foetus growing in the womb, needing utmost care and nurture. Homeopathy not only supports the Mother to be but also nurtures the little life in the womb. In fact Homeopathy should be thought of in the preconception stage itself. Homeopathy helps you sail through your pregnancy with ease and also keeps the body in a perfect state of harmony. Minor ailments of pregnancy like hyperemesis gravidarum (morning sickness) etc. responds wonderfully to homeopathy. It is useful for mal-presentations, helps through labour and post- pregnancy too. It keeps your immune system at optimum and helps you experience a blissful journey through motherhood.


This is one of the most sensitive phase in a women’s life. She needs utmost care and support during this phase and HOMEOPATHY does just that.

Be it post pregnancy trauma and pain, or healing of the episiotomy, retained placenta, post-partum hemorrhage, mastitis, cracked nipples or to increase milk supply homeopathy holds your hand and supports you at each step.
Homeopathy is the best medicine to give for EMOTIONAL UPSETS one experiences during this period. Postpartum depression is easily treated with help of homeopathy.

Women ailments treated online

Leucorrhoea (Vaginal Discharge): Homeopathy offers complete cure from leucorrhoea. It is one of the best form of treatments for leucorrhoea.

Menstrual Irregularities: Profuse menses, Scanty Menses, amenorrhea all fall under the scope of homeopathy. Homeopathy sets the hormones right and helps cure menstrual irregularities.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS): Dysmenorrhea or PMS often incapacitates the woman. Homeopathy offers great relief from pain during menses.

Pregnancy and Motherhood: Homeopathy is the best form of treatment for pregnancy related complaints. It is safe and gentle with no side effects. Post-Partum complaints are also wonderfully managed with homeopathy. Homeopathy is safe for the mother and child both.

Menopause: Homeopathy helps tackle menopause with ease and comfort. The hot flushes, mood changes, irritability and host of other symptoms experienced during menopause respond well to homeopathy.

PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome): PCOS is one of the most common disorder in women. Homeopathy helps manage PCOS when coupled with diet, lifestyle changes and stress management.

Thyroid Disorders: Hypothyroid and hyperthyroid are managed well with Homeopathy, Lifestyle changes and stress management. Homeopathy helps thyroid functioning.

Migraine: Women often experience more migraine episodes than men. Migraine stems from emotions and hence needs to be managed with homeopathy, lifestyle modification and stress management. Homeopathy help curb the acute migraine pain and helps reduce the episodes gradually.