Ahh here comes February, the month of love and bliss. Are you looking for a Valentine? What are your plans for this lovey-dovey month? As usual roses, bouquets, chocolates, and a kiss. Why don’t you try something new this time?

 This time endeavor driving on a date deserted with yourself. No uproars just you and a serene tranquility atmosphere, a glass of your favorite cocktail, and loads of food. Ahem, wait by food I meant, healthy and nutritious food. You can always skip your cocktail or aerated drinks for fresh juices. A date with your soul food and a serene atmosphere is a great idea. No, it’s not at all a selfish deed. We always strive hard to make others happy and in the entire process, we forget and neglect the most important person- Yes, you.

Have you ever thought about what did you achieve by impressing others till now? If you are not happy from within you cannot spread love to others? Self-care is not being selfish. Your body requires your utmost attention first. If your body is healthy your mind will indirectly be favorable.

Is attaining this petty stuff difficult? No, it’s as simple as slicing an apple with a knife. The only prerequisite is to prepare your goals first. These goals should be unrealistic and real to a great extent.

Set a goal:  The following are some points to set these goals.

1) Indulge in an activity to jot down your substantial objectives.

2) Do not infiltrate unrealistic stuff it will affect you negatively if not attained in the future.

3) Avoid being harsh to your body. You solely can govern your carcass from inside and out. You know your limitations too. So write down elements that are achievable and yes you can be lenient too at times.

4) Remember there isn’t any competition. You are merely taking care of yourselves in a precise manner. You should not strive to prove it to anyone.

5) Avoid imitating others. Everybody is different mentally as well as Constitution wise. Some goals may benefit some not necessarily will benefit others too.

6) Avoid following the herding community. Stop being a sheep who follows the flock blindly. Be a wolf to operate smartly in a robust manner.

7) Every night check out your planner if you have missed anything productive.

8) Even if you have to be smart enough to motivate yourself instead of demoralizing.

9) Promise yourself the next day will be even better than yesterday.

10) Last but not least remember that being healthy is not a one-day activity, it’s a lifestyle modification. It will take time. You have to pour your glass drop by drop and not all at once.

How can you love your food?

 First and foremost it’s a common phenomenon, if you don’t love you won’t see any effects, be it in a relationship or diet the case is the same. Many of us are influenced by fad diets on digital media that we spend much on them. The reason can be your allies too, seeing them benefitted from any X, Y, Z diet you heed them. But we fail to understand that if we are not loving whatever we are following there will be zero effects, and then we become depressed soon.

So, here are some tips so that you can love your sustenance :

1) We require food for the overall development of our body. It provides an ample amount of nutrients including protein, carbohydrates, fats. First of all, know your body, its requirements, and how many nutrients are enough for you. You have to keep a track of everything. From your BMI to your body weight everything should be recorded priorly.

2) Count your calories too. Don’t starve yourselves, your aim shouldn’t be a zero size figure. Loose weight in an intellectual manner. You should concentrate more on not gaining extra kilos rather than striving hard to shed off staunch fat.

3) Prepare your food yourselves. Don’t follow any diet which you gobble just for the sake of it. Love compelling your diet so that you will fall in love while binging it.

4) Follow a normal homemade cuisine rather than fab and fancy ones.

5) Avoid consuming wholesome food at one go. Experiment on easy peasy snacks, smoothies more to satisfy your hunger pangs.

So folks from now on start loving yourself first. They say that to win someone’s heart you go through one’s stomach. So to cherish yourselves, en route the identical path.