“New year – New you”

This phrase will now trend on every social media platform. As you all know that 2021 began, there will be ample promises and ample motivation around you for a quick transformation. Let’s not talk about others but begin with you. We, humans, are competent enough to raise standards higher than we can achieve. To make it simpler, I am sharing in my blog our flaws and what hampers our growth? We all know those points yet fail to accept them.

My NEW YEAR Resolutions !

What are the resolutions?

“Resolution”, a word that is highly overrated at the beginning of each year and gets vanished as days passes by. In a precise manner, they are false promises which we make for ourselves and fail to stay strong on them. These resolutions might be a procrastination tool for many.

” 2020, is my year for transformation”,

” In mid-year, will make the most usage of it, I will incorporate a healthy lifestyle”.

” Oh November is coming soon, I better start my healthy regime from  November itself”.

” It’s December a high festive season, let’s eat some delicacies, and from January will give a sure kickstart towards fitness”

” January 2021, Ah this year I promise to stay fit and healthy, I promise”.

This is a vicious cycle. As you can see, we fool ourselves only. We fail to understand that the unhealthy lifestyle adds on and can be the worst nightmare as the year’s pass. Humans can fool their mind but the functioning of body and metabolism can’t be fooled, mind you? Our unhealthy habits will add on to unhealthy fats and cholesterol, which can be sustenance for any type of disease.

Fitness does not mean you have to have a zero figure or a “Slim like a wood cane body”. It also doesn’t mean you have to follow the herd blindly.

” My friend is doing a keto diet let me also follow that.”

” My aunt is taking detox supplements or smoothies, let’s give it a try”.

” My friend lost 10 kg in one week, paleo diet is effective”.

Humans are God’s intelligent species, so is there any need to follow other people’s minds? We have a mindset of our own, so we are responsible for stuff that is beneficial to us and which are not.

Now you might say ” I make resolutions, not following others but why I can’t be sustainable to follow this resolution?”

The answer is simple. You are harsh to your own body. The problem is your promises are :

– Too impractical

– Not appreciated by your own body.

– It’s too far to be true.

– It’s a replica of your eyes being deceived seeing a marketing advertising.

– You indulge in following the herd and hence can’t be sustainable.

– The trending false fad diets are costly as well as not trustworthy.

– Made indirectly by your friend’s recommendation. 

What is the solution?

-Learn to appreciate your body as it is first.

– Endeavor to study your body functions, its capacities, and its limitations.

– Don’t be harsh on your body.

– Be gentle

– Promise stuff that is feasible for ourselves.

– Strict No to fad diets

-Strict  No replicating the tribe.

Let’s make one and only one resolution,

To be fit and healthy, Should be our very own motive.

However be susceptible and gentle to your body, Your fit body will make you more wealthy. Invest in yourself first and let’s together make a world free from unhealthy traditions.

Our Belly Gone Challenge helps you make small sustainable habits to help you stay healthy and happy!