Hello Friends,

This is Dr Bhavi Mody from Vrudhi Holistic Health Care.

 Mujhe us se allergy hai Рbahut baar suna hai. Toh kya hai yeh allergy aur is se kaise picha chudaya jaye?

Aaiye baat karte hai Vrudhi’s Unconventional guide to Allergy ki.

We have discussed about immunity and role of Immunity in our bodies.

When the immune system reacts abnormally to a  foreign substance.

It can be food, any substance like pollen, dust fur etc, drug or skin allergy.

The sensitivity to the  allergen is heightened,hence the abnormal response.

Cause is largely unknown.

Why Homeopathy serves as a good tool is because it evokes the body’s own immune system, body’s defence mechanisms to battle and cope with allergens.

At Vrudhi we aim treatment in two ways.

1. Take care of the acute condition. The local presenting symptoms are taken into account to prescribe the medicine. We often hand out this medicine to the patients to be used SOS.

2. Constitutional medicines: here we take an in-depth history of the patient,his coping mechanisms,nature, allergy presentation, genetic and past history, eating habits,likes, dislikes etc painting the complete picture.

This medicine is very individualistic and holistic. Helps to gradually decrease the allergy episodes in duration and intensity.

If you or any of your loved ones suffer from allergy, urticaria, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchitis you need Homeopathy to support to combat your allergies.

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