We all experience minor injuries all the while and it calls for immediate first aid at home.Homeopathy acts wonderfully well in providing First Aid for all your fall, cuts, bruises and trauma. Injuries be it due to accidents, sports, strain, sprains responds beautifully to homeopathy. CUTS and OPEN WOUNDS Wash the area with lukewarm water and soap or add ECHINACEA Q to water and clean the wound. Apply Calendula ointment and bandage the wound. If it is a small wound it may be left open. Take Calendula 30 pills internally too. If the wound starts suppurating, you develop fever or there is redness around it or the pain increases too much get in touch with your doctor for constitutional treatment. BLUNT INJURIES, FALL, TRAUMA. Ice pack is the first thing to do. Keep applying ice packs for first 24 hours at intervals. Arnica 30 is the magic pill that one should think of here. Start arnica every hour or 2 hours depending on the severity and then thrice a day for 2 days. Ruta is one another useful remedy here. Takes care of injuries to bone. PUNCTURED WOUNDS. If you are ever injured by sharp objects like a nail or pins glass etc clean the area with calendula. Apply ice. If there is any opening apply calendula ointment. Ledum and Hypericum are two remedies for punctured wounds. Hypericum is indicated with shooting pains. If you are to undergo any surgery homeopathy helps here too Staphysaria helps. MUSCLE SPRAIN AND STRAIN, SPORTS INJURIES- Injury to Muscle, Ligaments and Tendons. Ice pack is the first thing to do. Tie a red crepe bandage to give rest to the injured part. Apply Arnica Gel to the part. Arnica internally is the first remedy of choice. Rhus tox, Ruta Are other remedies to be considered. FRACTURE. First you need to put the fractured area in a cast. Once medical intervention has been taken Homeopathy helps speeding the healing and pain management. Arnica it the first remedy of choice. Along with arnica one can think of symphytum, ruta. For injuries to ribs Bryonia is the remedy of choice. NERVE INJURY. For injury to area rich in nerves like fingers and toes Hypericum is the medicine of choice Get in touch with us to BUY THE KIT.