Wheezing is quite common in children and causes a harsh whistling sound while breathing. The commonest fear the family has is  Is my child having ASTHMA? Asthma though common is not the only cause for wheezing. Let’s understand the causes better. COMMON CAUSES

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Infections- Bronchiolitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Upper Respiratory tract Infection
  • Reflux
  • Sleep apnea


  1. Foreign body aspiration
  2. Broncho pulmonary dysplasia.

  We don’t want to discuss rare causes here.   Family history, age of onset, Pattern of wheezing and seasonality play an important Role in defining the causes. MANAGEMENT Management largely depends on the cause.

  1. Homeopathic Medicines are useful in cases of Allergies, Asthama, Infections esp Bronchiolitis, Bronchitis and the common upper respiratory tract infections and Reflux. Homeopathy with its sweetness is able to treat the roots and increase the immunity of the child. One needs to be a little patient to see the excellent results homeopathy can give. Does that mean it cannot help you with the acute phase? No. Homeopathy helps settle the acute cases too. When you continue homeopathy for a while you will see an overall improvement in your child. The frequency and intensity of the attacks gradually decrease and the immunity of the child is enhanced. Homeopathy being a tailor made science one needs a proper understanding of the child’s attributes – physical makeup & mental makeup along with the presenting complaints. The case needs to be analysed and evaluated and a constitutional medicine is prescribed to the individual.
  2. Along with Homeopathy start with steam inhalation with ajwain or eucalyptus. If you have a nebulizer at home nebulise with plain distilled water. If the wheezing is mild adding Homeopathic tincture for wheezing helps.
  3. Make a mix of camphor, ajwain, cinnamon and cloves tie it in a muslin cloth and smell. It helps open the airways.
  4. Heat a little salt and ajwain on a tawa. Keep a cloth over it till warm and apply the heat to the chest, back and forehead.
  5. Avoid allergens.When Breathlessness and difficulty in breathing grasps your child Homeopathy opens the windows and makes breathing easy for the child allowing the child to not only breathe comfortably but grow well and with enhanced lung function.  Manage wheezing the HOLISTIC WAY.