With the temperature soaring high, the heat is unbearable. The summers are generally not preferred here in Mumbai coz of the sweltering heat but is there any option?

Change in season is Nature and so be it. Nature has its amazing ways to deal with the climate. Observe closely and you will see that it gives you food just right for that season. Its nature’s way of balancing the changes that take place in the season.

Let’s talk of summer. Come summer and you see range of fruits and vegetables that have high water content. We keep hearing HYDRATE, HYDRATE, and HYDRATE.

On an average consume 1 glass of water for each hour you are awake. If you are into high intensity work outs add more.

 Here is nature’s bounty to help you do so.

Hydrating Vegetables

1.The gourds: Ash gourd, Bottle gourd, Snake gourd, Ridged gourd, Bitter gourd, Pumpkin, Butternut, Squash, Zucchini are the vegetables that have high water content and specially found in summers. These are loaded with vitamins and phytonutrients one needs and water content is as high as 95 %. These are the must include vegetables in summer. Make soups or sabji but do eat them.

2.Cucumber: Again form cucurbitacae family like the gourds. It’s a fruit and can be eaten raw in salads or pickled. It has about 96 %water. One of the topmost hydrating food and easy on the pocket too. For your mid-morning snack slice a cucumber and eat and reap its health has a lot of phytonutrients, vitamin C. Good for skin and puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes. Just go for it.

3. Cruciferous vegetables: Broccoli Cauliflower, Cabbage, Iceberg lettuce water content range from 93 % to as high as 95 % in lettuce.

4.Celery: Though not my favourite is a good vegetable for summers with 95 % water content.

5. Brinjal: cook in different ways and eat. Just exercise a little caution if you are on weight watchers as its spongy nature absorbs a lot of oil. Best way to have it is to roast it and make a bhartha add very little oil to it.

6.Tomatoes: Aa ha!  A must have vegetable, no should I say fruit. Yes tomato is a fruit. Rich in lycopene.High in water content. Soups,salads,gravies,broth all incomplete without this one. So go for it.

7.Bell peppers: The colourful bell peppers are not only a treat to the eye but also have great nutrient with 92% water content. It is a storehouse of Vitamins, beta carotene, folic acid. Add them to your salads for the crunch or grill them with paneer or saute it with any other vegetable makes a lovely dish.

8.Some other hydrating foods are carrots, peas and potatoes. Carrots though a winter vegetable is now available through the year.

Let’s talk about some fruits now.

Hydrating Fruits

1.Watermelon and melons (cantaloupe, musk melon): Tops the chart. Naturally sweet and refreshing, loaded with nutrients juice it and gulp it. Gives the colas a run for sure. They belong to the cucurbitacea family.

2.Water apple, Rose apple, White jamun: My favourite and simply divine. One fruit many names. Perfect electrolytes for summer and necessary vitamins too. Black jamun too is very good in summers. Also said to have anti diabetic properties.

3.Litchis: Litchi is an exotic fruit with a low shelf life. The juicy pulp and sweet taste make it a must have fruit for summers. There are very few fruits that one finds exclusively in summers Litchi is one of them. Eat it, squash it, juice it but have it.

4.Palm fruit or Tadgola: perfect summer fruit. Bite into the flesh and the juice trickles down your hands. Simply love it. Gives cooling effect to the body with the necessary electrolytes for summer.

5.The Tender Coconut: the sweet water in the fruit, a perfect drink post workout or just to beat the heat. The malai is simply divine. Perfect for the summer.

6.The Citrus Fruits: Oranges, Sweet lime, Tangerine, Lime, Lemon all loaded with the immunity boosting Vitamin C. though acidic in nature it not only helps cool your body also detoxifies it. don’t forget the grape fruit if you are on weight loss program with 90%water gives just 30 calories! But I am not too fond of it.

7.The Apple and Pear: most of us associate it with body types. Apple shaped or Pear shaped. Am I a fruit? Naaa so let’s just eat it. It has about 85 % water and not to say loads of nutrients. Available almost through the year now.

8.Now to the king of fruits Mango: should have topped the list isn’t it? But the high price makes it not so affordable so those who can splurge go for it, it comes just once a year and the taste is heavenly. Along with Vitamin A and C it gives us lots of antioxidants. Remember to soak the mango in water before consuming it being a heaty fruit gives rise to heat boils.

9.Other fruits which need mention are Apricots, Peaches, Plums, Grapes and Banana.

This list am sure will help you choose wisely and complete your ‘5 a day’ quota. Watch out for more summer tips to come.

Happy Summer. #StayHealthyStayHappy

This was originally posted on Mompresso.