The rains are a welcome change after the sultry hot weather but it too comes with its own set of issues. We discussed skin care in our last article, today let me put across a few hair care tips.


The fluctuating heat and rain is even worse. Dandruff, oily scalp, hair fall, frizzy hair are the common issues one faces. Scalp infections like fungal infection and boils are common and so is LICE infestation.

A little Care and the gentle healing touch of homeopathy can see you through your Monsoon Hair Woes.

  1. Shampoo regularly at least thrice in a week with a mild homeopathic Arnica Shampoo.Protect your hair from the rain water. wear a hood or umbrella.If you happen to drench yourself in the rain dry your hair, come home and shampoo immediately.
  2. Oil your tresses with Homeopathic oil. Massage well. For deep conditioning tie a towel dipped in hot water or take steam.
  3. Once in a week apply fresh aloe pack to condition your hair. Rosemary, Lime, ACV, pudina paste, Banana mask and Methi seeds water are all helpful. You may try any that suits your hair type to condition your hair.
  4. For fungal infection of the scalp or boils add Echinacea and Calendula Q to water and keep it for a while and wash.
  5. For Lice homeopathy has good remedies.
  6. Dry your hair before you leave for work. Avoid combing wet hair. Avoid using styling gels and hair treatments. Go for a short haircut that is manageable. Do not tie wet hair.
  7. Take care of the food you eat. Have healthy foods for healthy hair.
  8. Sleep well and stress less.
  9. Hydrate well. We tend to drink less water in monsoon so just see that you are having adequate water.
  10. Mindful Breathing and exercise, not just for your hair but for your body too.

Happy Monsoon!