A new mom is always worried about her diet and what food she should have to improve lactation as nutrition of the child entirely depends on the mother. Mommies take charge of your diet and eat healthy. Most of our nanima ke nuskhes are good galactagogues just avoid the excessive ghee and fat and the sugarladen sweets. Sweets with jaggery like the methi and gond ladoos do good so have them. You need around 500 calories more whilst breast feeding. 3 TO 4 SERVINGS OF FRUITS 3 TO 4 SERVINGS OF VEGETABLES 3 SERVINGS OF COMPLEX CARBS 3 SERVING OF PULSES 2 TO 3 SERVING OF MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS 30 GMS OF FATS. HYDRATE yourself well. Dehydration decreases milk production.If you cannot have plain water opt for- Nimbu pani, jaljeera, buttermilk, veg juices, fruit juices etc. HERBAL TEA TO INCREASE MILK PRODUCTION Boil fennel seeds, jeera, methi seeds, dill seeds and tulsi in equal proportion boil and reduce the water to half. Drink it through the day. TOP 10 FOODS TO HAVE DURING LACTATION. 10 FOODS THAT HELP MILK PRODUCTION ARE:


  • FENNEL SEEDS: it promotes lactation and keeps colic at bay.
  • CUMIN SEEDS: Aids digestion and promotes lactation.
  • MEETHI SEEDS: good galactagogue and improves digestion. Methi leaves too are very good.so have your methi ladoos ūüôā guilt free. Loaded with calcium, iron and minerals.
  • SESAME SEEDS: Rich in calcium and a good galactagogue
  • OATS: Rich in Calcium and fibre keeps constipation at bay and helps increase milk production. Add a little oats to you regular flour to make roti or add it to your soup.
  • PULSES: A storehouse of iron and protein must have during lactation.
  • ¬†GARLIC: Season your food with garlic and have. Helps with milk production and lends a good taste too. Mildly season it to keep the stink away.
  • DRY FRUITS: Though calorie dense consuming these is beneficial. Powder and add to milk or sprinkle over the halwa and sheera.
  • GREEN AND RED VEGETABLES: colour your plate thewith the green and reds. Greens especially the gourd family is beneficial. Drumstick is worth a mention here. Add to your soup or dal helps increase iron and milk production both. Easy to digest and nutrititive too. The carrots, sweet potato, and beet root all help not only with lactation but the beta carotene is very beneficial.
  • BAJRA and BARLEY: These help increase milk production. Traditionally ne is fed bajra RAAB a type of thick liquid consistency porridge. Boil barley in water and drink. Helps flush out toxins too.



  1. Spicy strong flavoured pungent foods as it may pass through the milk and the baby may dislike the taste making it repulsive for the baby to drink.
  2. Oily fried greasy food not only difficult to digest but add on to weight  too! which is an effort to lose then so dump the junk.
  3. Farinaceous foods like cabbage, cauliflower, beans etc that are know to be gas producing should be avoided as it may cause colic in babies.
  4. Empty calories to be avoided at all cost. No sugar, maida, sweets, fizz.
  5. Alcohol and Smoking is a strict NO.

 LOOK LIKE A DIVA. BREASTFEEDING HELPS BURN CALORIES!!! Along with food remember to increase breast milk:

  1. Keep feeding your baby. The more you feed more the supply. Latch well so you have little difficulty feeding.
  2. Sleep well, YES you heard it right sleep well sleep when your baby sleeps. Learn to take power naps. It’s difficult I understand but just do it.
  3. Stay calm and Relaxed. I know you feel am I joking but I am not. Meditate, do breathing exercises, think good, read good, listen to soft soothing music but do unwind and relax. do not stress about anything!!! Keep your phone away as much as possible just relax!
  4. Breast Massage, before feeding helps.
  5.  START Homeopathy, helps increase milk production and also supports the mother at all times be it PPD or any other issue post partum. Homeopathy is every moms friend in need.