Dr. Bhavi Mody M.D
Homeopathy and Wellness Consultant
+91 9819819739


"Homeopathy" has been a boon for my son and me.And doctor like Bhavi Mody is like an icing on the cake.
I have been associated with her since last 12-13 years and trust me I have not touched allopathy  all these years.
All you need is "FAITH" in your doctor and this alternate treatment which has no side effects whatsoever.
High regards for Dr Bhavi Mody and her approach towards this field of Science.

Amee Ajmera

My husband had severe health issues last year and the worst was when he faced the problem of severe itching which would not subside in spite of severe allopathy needs.
That's when I told him to try his luck with homeopathy.
He was totally amazed when it started working for him and was even surprised that each and every thing told by Dr Bhavi worked in the same way.
He was back to his normal health in a couple of months.
He has now started recommending homeopathy to all and is totally thankful to "Dr Bhavi Mody ."
East or West Homeopathy is the Best.

Priti Shah

Taking Treatment for: Skin pimples on face,Recurrent Cold and cough,Immunity for kids.
Whenever I come and talk to the director,I feel so relieved.
I am so stressed all the time but once I talk to her,she releases my tension.
I am so happy with her and so are my kids.
Thanks for everything doctor!
For sure will like to recommend you.

Jessica Ved