Dr. Bhavi Mody M.D
Homeopathy and Wellness Consultant
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TakingTreatment  for : PCOS for Anushka my daughter 

Purvi Shah

Taking Treatment for: Family physician and friend.
Since meeting with Dr Bhavi Mody (about 12 years back), treatment for day to day problems come second.
It just feel good to comeand chat :- Come out laughing.
Great doctors both, they atleast know what's wrong the moment we enter.
Feels like family.
Writing testimonial for them  is difficult.
Call us We can say more.

Milan Gudka

The best Counselling method of Medication.
The most effective meds for worst ailments like body,heart and stress.
For babies-
very smooth growing up.
phases like teething,colic and basic like adenoids,cold,fever.
Sometimes half of the stuff is sorted just talking to Dr Bhavi Mody.

Chaitali Shah