HOMEOPATHY FOR PMS PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is the most daunting ordeal that most women have to go through, each MONTH , year after year.Is it necessary to suffer so much or is there any solution to this?? women are not here to suffer and HOMEOPATHY has a positive answer to this.More than seventy -five percent of the women suffer from- Headaches, mood swings, depression,bloating,water retention, breast tenderness,irritability etc.these PMS symptoms affect work life balance and well being of the person in general. The real cause of PMS remains unknown, one can attribute it to the imbalance of the oestrogen and progesterone hormones. This happens largely due to faulty lifestyles, stress and toxins that we breathe or ingest in day to day life. Homeopathy with its action on the PNE ( Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine ) axis helps manage and tackle PMS with a few lifestyle change. Each women experiences a few symptoms from the array of symptoms that are individualistic to her. The mental disposition and physical attributes along with the presenting complaints guides a homeopath to choose the right medicine. This individualistic, Holistic approach with no side effects and natural therapy  is soothing and effective mode of treatment. Lifestyle changes Eating clean, some Exercise and  Stress management along with Homeopathy helps you tackle PMS.


  • Eating clean: Simple home cooked food at regular intervals in small quantities, cutting the unnecessary salt and fat and highly seasoned and processed foods helps keep bloating, retention and cramps at bay. Plenty of greens, fruits and complex carbs and whole grains should be included. Avoid sugary drinks, colas, caffeine and alcohol. Cut the junk and eat healthy foods. Include proteins and foods with omega 3.
  • Exercise: Sneak in some form of exercises to your daily schedule. We at Vrudhi advocate small simple doable exercise that can be done at the comfort of your home or office. 30 to 45 minutes of exercise daily is what one should look at. NO TIME break it into smaller sessions but get moving. Walking is one of the best exercise. so if nothing simply walk for 20 minutes twice a day.
  • Stress Management: Mindful Breathing helps relax. Also yoga is just not a wonderful form of exercise but helps relaxation too.Sleep Well. sleep and wake up at the same time. This helps the bio-clock function well and balance the hormones. Biofeedback helps manage headaches and stress. Learn to accept things the way they are. Look at the positive side of things and learn to ‘Let Go.’
  • Supplements: like Folic acid, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil also help to some extent.
  • Homeopathic medicines: Consult a registered homeopath before taking any medicines. A few medicines that help PMS are Pulsatilla, Sepia, Nat Mur, Nux vomica, Carbo veg, Colocynth and Mag Phos.