Obesity FAQs

1. What do I do if I have overeaten some day during the program?
We all make mistakes and the only thing you can do is to get back on track again. As long as you realize that you have to correct things and bring them back to normal, it’s ok. Overeating or eating the wrong food occasionally happens with everyone. The immediate step would be to control the food intake over the next few days and exercise little more than normal so that you burn off those extra calories. Do not deprive yourself of the food you love. Just eat in moderation. But get back to your diet again. Just keep in mind that this does not become a habit because that would steer you away from your goal.

2. I want to lose weight but without starving. What do I do?
Starving is not required. You need to eat healthy foods at regular intervals and not starve. At Vrudhi we teach you to lose weight by eating healthy – not by starving. Because we know that starvation does not work for long and is unhealthy too.

3. I have a hectic schedule and hence I cannot go for regular walk. Will I still able to lose weight?
The walk that we prescribe is the easiest form of exercise. In case you cannot go for a walk, we prescribe you a regimen which makes adequate movement possible in other ways. EXERCISE WITH DIET IS THE KEY TO WEIGHT LOSS. If you follow the food plan given but don’t exercise at all, the results of the weight loss program will obviously be lesser as compared to the ideal case.

4. I have a busy schedule. Will I able to follow your weight loss program?
Yes of course, we advise as per your schedule. We would prefer you eat home cooked food.
If you are not able to carry everything from home we will discuss and make healthy choices for you that can fit your schedule.

5. I regularly eat outside food. Can your weight loss program still help me?
We have a solution for you too. You are amongst our vast group of clients who travel a lot and regularly eat outside. For people like you, our plan teaches you to make healthy food choices from those available outside at hotels / restaurants. In addition, we advise you on healthy snacking options. As mentioned earlier, all our weight loss plans will be completely customized to your eating and working patterns so that you don’t have to worry about it.

6. How are You Different?
At VRUDHI we just don’t give you diets but help you make a lifestyle modification. We help you make the right food choices and see that you can squeeze in exercises in your hectic schedules. We also give you strategies for Mind-Body Equilibrium.
We believe it’s important to lose weight to stay healthy and avoid a host of diseases and not merely look good. We accelerate your process with the sweetness of homeopathy.

7. I feel hungry all the time whenever I go on a diet. How can this be helped
If you feel hungry all the time whenever you go on a diet, it means either you are not eating enough or not eating right. This means that your current diet is not a healthy option for weight loss. At Vrudhi we prescribe healthy eating plans incorporating your food choices so you do not feel deprived of any food, it’s about lifestyle modification and not starving. So when you eat the right food at the right intervals you cannot feel hungry.
8. What if I Indulge During the plan?
It’s ok. Move on. We all do that at some point. It’s important to get back to healthy eating. It’s not about depriving yourself of the foods you love,but it’s more about portion control. Eat Right and Stay Healthy.

9. Do you guarantee weight loss?
No we don’t. We teach you to eat right and have a healthy lifestyle.
It’s about your efforts coupled with our approach. We have had great results in patients who have been following our advice diligently. It’s about persistence and determination. So if you have both you Win.

10. Do you offer Support after the plan is over?
Yes we provide you with a maintenance plan.
By end of 12 weeks we are sure you will learn to manage yourself.
We offer support for 90 days post your plan on WhatsApp. Our doctors are busy,so they get back to you as soon as possible.Turn around time is 24 hours.