Khane Ke Sang Sang…. .

We Indians love to have a variety of food. Our meal is incomplete without some accomplishments.

Today giving you a perfect accompaniment for all your vrat foods.

Yogurt Dip (Dahi Raita)

Yogurt(Dahi) Low fat/cow mlik: 2 cups
Roasted Peanuts: 2 cups. Get it ready from the store or roast it at home.
Cucumber: 1 large- grated.
Jeera powder: 2 tsp.
Salt (Sendha Namak): to taste.
Sugar: 2 tsp (optional)
Coriander: finely chopped to garnish.

Dry roast the peanuts in a heavy bottom nonstick pan or take the readymade roasted peanuts. Once the peanuts cool, coarsely grind them.
Meanwhile whisk the yogurt add the salt, jeera and sugar. Whisk well.
Take the grated cucumber and squeeze it to remove the water. Add to the yogurt and mix well.
Add the coarse peanut mixture and mix well. Your Dip is ready. Garnish with coriander and serve it with your khichdi/dhokla/vadas.

I love to eat it all by itself. It serves as a mid meal. It’s absolutely cooling meal. A high protein snack with the cooling effects of cucumber. Yeh Dil maange More!!!

Taste bhi Health bhi.