Our Festive season cannot end without some Ladoos. We gujratis have our home stocked with ladoos always. Ladoo nahi toh Tyohaar nahi, so here you go.

Dry Fruit Ladoos
You can make, twist the recipe with any dry fruits of your choice.

Dates: 1 cup
Raisins: 4tsp
Apricots: 3-4
Figs: 8-10
Almonds: 12-15
Cashew: 10-12
Elaichi powder: a pinch

Roast Almonds and Cashew in a pan.
Lightly steam all the other Dry fruits. You may omit this step totally if you wish. But they roll better when steamed.
Mix the almonds cashew and steamed dry fruits and coarsely grind.
Add the cardamom powder and Roll into ladoos. Slightly grease your hand with ghee to roll the ladoos, so it does not stick.
Put it in the refrigerator to set properly.
Isn’t this a wonderful midmeal snack?
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