This year the The theme of World Health Day is: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.
The slogan of World Health Day is “Health for All”.

What does one really mean when we say Health for all?Does it mean providing Healthcare Services to all?
Does it mean to care when Sick?

Yes it means to provide primary health care services to everyone person in the country.

Just sit back and think Are we not blessed to have primary care, (that is unavailable to many), at our disposal.

We infact are privileged to have secondary and tertiary care too.

But what about Self Care? The Pre – Primary care?

My idea of Health for All for the privileged lot ,is Taking charge of your own health and work around making small doable changes to live a healthier and Happier life!

It’s all about Your health in Your hands!
Small lifestyle changes go a long way.

So what do you think stops us from adopting these small changes?

In my practice I often come across these reasons.

  1. Time: With the fast paced lives and the juggling that each one does right from kids to adults,time is cited as a major constrain. Time is a luxury, that few have. Most common reason cited- Time nahi hai.
  2. Habits: You are habituated to drink just a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning. Smoking or Colas or Wine may be comforting, hence there is little will to change. It’s like aadat se majboor.
  3. Inertia: You are in denial that you need the change or You live in the moment. This causes Resistance to any change or set routine.
  4. No support: I often hear, I want to go for the walk,but there is no one to manage my home,look after my in laws or baby etc etc.
  5. Procastination: We always are in a habit of telling ourselves,will start on Monday or after I come back from the business trip and so on. Keeps happening every new year and on every birthday too! That day just doesn’t seem to come.

These can be surely be worked upon.
It may look difficult but not impossible, cause impossible says I M Possible.
So let’s quickly look at a few strategies that may help you bring these positive changes.

  1. Today or Never : Be mindful of your food, habits and activities. Start today,there is no tomorrow.
  2. Set a goal: It should be a smart one- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic,Time bound.
  3. Journal it: Start writing. You have set a goal and are working towards it, start writing things that you are doing to achieve it. If you deviate it’s ok,but do write it. This helps you track your progress and modify your habits.
  4. Pick your battle: Do one thing at a time. Don’t try to change everything. It’s easier when you break it down into small tasks. Once you are comfortable with one change,go for the next one.
  5. Find a Support: Seek professional help or find a buddy group. Support helps you stick to your goals.
  6. Reward: Reward yourself when you achieve your goals.

These Six steps are sure to help you #StayHealthyStayHappy.

The day to day choices that you make will decide whether you age with vitality and health or succumb to lifestyle diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Stroke etc.

It’s time to take charge and start working Today.

Do share your thoughts and views on the same in the comments section.