No More Flakes: Treat Dandruff Naturally

Your best friend’s having a party and you’re all excited about looking your best and having a ball. You get ready, wear your best clothes and are feeling quite good about yourself. But the minute you start to brush your hair, there seems to be a snowstorm on your shoulders. Every brush of the comb brings up white specs to your hair and on your clothes. Frustratingly, it seems like you have been hit by the dandruff bug!

This ailment, while not serious, can be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing. It is a scalp condition that makes the skin flaky and itchy. With this, wearing black becomes an absolute no and the itchiness on the scalp seems to constantly increase. However, for all of you suffering in itchy discomfort, there is good news. This condition is completely treatable and that too without harsh chemicals.

I have great personal hygiene. Why do I have dandruff?

This is a leading concern among people with dandruff. They believe that this condition is related to personal hygiene and start washing their hair almost on a daily basis. For some, the oily scalp and flakes on the hair make daily hair wash an absolute necessity. However, this does not treat dandruff just helps hide it. And what’s worse, certain shampoos with strong chemicals can actually worsen dandruff!

An important point to note is that a flaky scalp doesn’t mean lack of hygiene. Instead, it could be caused by a dermatological condition, oily scalp, dry skin, hormonal imbalance and even stress.

Why does my dandruff keep returning?

Once the attack of the flakes begins, the most common treatment used by people is medicated shampoos. Now, these may offer some relief in the initial stages, but the instance you return to your regular shampoo, the flakes begin to reappear. This is because most shampoos don’t treat the condition but just manage it. Further, for people with sensitive skin, the chemicals found in most shampoos can irritate the scalp, worsening the itchy sensation.

The best way to actually free yourself from dandruff is understanding the root cause of this condition and treating that. Sweet and natural homeopathic pills are great to treat dandruff as they offer corrective measures in the body without any chemicals or side effects. In addition, as these pills work from the inside, instead of being simply topical, they start to treat the scalp which in turn eliminates dandruff naturally and prevents it from returning!

Additionally simple lifestyle changes can also help reduce dandruff, such as:

Lower stress: Stress is a major trigger for dandruff as it can cause hormonal imbalance which leads to excess secretion of oil on the scalp. Take some time out to meditate or go for a walk as a way to mitigate stress.

Use a mild shampoo: This is particularly important for people with oily hair that need to shampoo often. Harsh chemicals in shampoos can worsen dandruff or inflame the scalp. Instead opt for low chemical and gentle daily shampoos.

Living with dandruff can be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing. It can affect your confidence and make your social life hell. However, timely diagnosis with natural treatment can help you get rid of this condition once and for all. So, free yourself from the flakes naturally and wear your favourite black dress with confidence.


Dandruff flakes and itchy scalp can be terribly uncomfortable and embarrassing. Read here to know natural solutions that can eliminate this condition entirely.