Summer seasons in India are synonymous with lots of mangoes, long leisurely afternoons and of course lots of summer special foods and drinks. The Indian culinary landscape boasts of many different summer special digestive drinks from different cuisines!

Here are some of them- they’re easy to whip up and absolutely delicious! Try them for yourself and tell us how you like it!

1. Masala Chhas

This yogurt drink is so ubiquitous in India that the mere though of summer is incomplete without it. Probiotic cooling yoghurt enriched with cumin powder and salt, and if you like, a tempering of coriander, mustard seeds, chillies and curry leaves for a more jazzed up version!

Find the recipe here!

2. Kokum Sharbat

This deep wine colored drink popular in Maharashtra & Goa as well as all along the Konkan coast uses the sweetened pulp of the Kokum (Garcinia camboga) fruit that is native to the region and used extensively as a souring agent.

Here is the recipe! Use honey or jaggery incase you want to cut down on the sugar.

3. Sattu Sharbat

Made from sattu flour (roasted gram flour) and consumed widely throughout North India, this desi protein rich drink will fill you up and keep you cool as well! It has a nutty taste and an amazing flavour with addition of spices like chilli, coriander and lemon juice.

You can make it by following this recipe!

4. Jal Jeera

A tangy and flavorful drink predominantly tasting of cumin, this is our favourite of the lot! Jaljeera is a deep green colored drink that reminds us of our childhoods.

This is a fairly simple recipe that you can find here!

5. Pachi Pulusu

This unique recipe all the way from Andhra Pradesh is a no-cook rasam made of tamarind and absolutely tangy and delicious! Skip the raw onion if you want to, and adjust the jaggery and spice level as per your taste. Goes well with plain boiled rice for a more filling meal!

Learn how to make it here!

Do you have any summer cooler recipes unique to your family or community? Do tell us in the comments below!