Boost your Child’s Immunity to Protect against Illness


A Healthy Immune System for a Healthy Child

There can be no greater worry for a parent than seeing their child sick. Parents do everything they can to protect their children, yet protection from germs seems next to impossible. Some children seem to attract the common infection far more than others. So often it happens that a child goes to school only to come back with an infection caught from the neighbouring. Or even the slightest weather change sends him/her into a sneezing fit.

At home parents can still try to create a germ-free and clean atmosphere for the children, but once they hit the playground, all bets are off. Now children and germs are a common sight, yet we often observe that one child seems to fall ill a little more often than his friends. If this is the case, it may be due to a weak immune system.

It’s the Immune System that’s weak not the Child

Many times if a child falls ill frequently, he is labelled as weak or sensitive, when actually it’s just the immune system that needs to be strengthened. Further, parents tend to rush to the nearest doctor to get their child treated for whatever infection he may have picked up, exposing his young body to a whole lot of medicine. And it’s understandable as no parent can see their child suffer even for a moment.

  • Decreased cognitive development
  • Weaker muscles due to low physical activity
  • Decreased stamina and lethargy
  • Increased sick days and absenteeism in school
  • The feeling of social exclusion
  • The belief that they are weaker than their peers
  • Social awkwardness due to increased absenteeism

Other than this, childhood is meant for fun times at the park and running around with other children. When a child stays consistently ill, he is more home-bound and isolated from his friends. This can seriously affect his ability to relate topeople later on in life and make friends. In addition, consistent illness can further weaken the immune system and make him more susceptible to ailments in the future.

Boosting the Immune System Naturally

Now, even though your child may have experienced bouts of illness, there is no cause for worry. Neither do you have to worry about watching your kid swallow one pill after the other because the treatment for all is simple – you have to work on strengthening his immune system!

The tiny, sweet homeopathic pills are a great and natural way to do so. Children enjoy the sweet taste and parents do not have to worry about long-term side effects. In addition, a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables is great to keep the child healthy and strong

So, adopt these changes today and to protect your child and keep him healthy. And the next time he steps out to play in the rain, you can be sure he’s only going to come back wet and muddy but free from an infection.


If your child seems to be more susceptible to the common cold or falls ill often, he may have low immunity. Read here to know how to protect your child’s health naturally.