From the womb to the tomb, you can’t love anyone more. Children are the most precious and most cared for creatures. Be it an infant, toddler, a naught munchkin or a teeny bopper parents are most concerned about their well-being.

Children are the best beneficiaries of homeopathy. Right from managing newborn problems like colic, diaper rash, fever, cradle cap, cough cold, healing of the umbilical cord managing teen aches like hormonal changes, acne, menstrual disorders homeopathic medicines are much safer than the conventional medicines.

Children respond so well to homeopathic medicines that you can really change a child’s life, both physical and psychologically, with the correct homeopathic remedy. And it makes a parent’s life much easier and much better. The sweet pills are accepted with ease by the children and the results and benefits it has for children makes it the best mode of treatment for kids. It’s often the kids who remind the parents that it’s time for medicine such is the acceptance of the medicine. A win-win for all. Homeopathy is ideal for babies and children as it is a gentle yet highly effective system of medicine.

When homeopathy is started for children at a young age they respond well and their immunity is enhanced. Children on homeopathy have seldom to resort to conventional treatment. These children grow up to be healthy individuals. It helps to restore children to their natural state of health, gently and capably. Homeopathy boosts the immunity power of children in the most Holistic and Natural way. The Homeopathic remedies regulate the natural balance and restore children back to their health, strength and potential, in the most safe and effective manner.
Dr Bhavi has a wide experience in treating children of various age groups with various complaints. Many children who have come to her as infants have grown into healthy teenagers under her care.

Children Ailments treated online

Immunity Building: Low immunity in children causes a host of ailments in children. Homeopathy helps boost the immunity in children and keeps them healthy. Homeopathy increases the vitality and creates healthier childhoods. Sweet Homeopathic Pills are great immune boosters. Along with Homeopathic medicine guidance on immune boosting foods helps.

Tonsillitis: Recurrent tonsil infections are quite common in kids. Homeopathy helps cure the tendency to tonsillitis. The sweetness of Homeopathic medicines is the answer to recurrent infection. Build immunity with homeopathy.

Adenoids: Enlarged Adenoids give sleepless nights to parents and children. The sweetness of Homeopathic pills is the perfect answer for Adenoids. Homeopathy on Adenoids gone!

Dentition: Nothing works better than homeopathic medicine during dentition. Homeopathy offers great support to the new mother to calm the child and put him to ease.

Bedwetting: Bedwetting or enuresis may be a cause of concern and embarrassment to the child. Homeopathic medicine with its effectiveness helps in bedwetting, with training and counselling.

Exam Phobia/Stress: With the increasing competition, there is tremendous stress on the children to perform. Kids often develop exam phobia. Exam stress causes the child to underperform at times resulting in poor grades. Though marks are not the onlyparameter to measure the child’s ability, it often causes stressful environment. Homeopathy helps with exam fear and with proper counselling the child becomes more confident and happier.

Learning Difficulties/ ADHD: ADHD and learning difficulties have shown to improve with homeopathic treatment. Along with homeopathy the child is put for remediation, counselling, occupational therapy and speech therapy as required.

Behavioral Problems: Homeopathy offer sweet solution to this bitter problem of behavioral disorders. Along with homeopathic medicine counselling is important part of therapy.

Allergies: Allergies respond well to homeopathy and can be completely cured. The intensity and duration of the allergic episodes go down tremendously with homeopathic medicines.