One fine day I got an anonymous call for an appointment. My receptionist booked it and fixed the consultation. As she approached the cabin she was looking nervous and apprehensive. I calmed her and offered her a seat. She was Rita (name changed) and was worried about her dull skin. She was just 30 years old having two kids and had a pale face. She was more concerned as her husband was not paying more attention to her. He bullied her that you were a model when I got you married and now you look so dull. She feared losing him.

After taking a thorough case history, I consoled her. I assured that we females are so engrossed in our family lives that we don’t take care of ourselves. But when our partner notices it, we get alarmed. notices. Dullness, pigmentation, acne, and many other skin ailments are due to stress in our day-to-day life. Pollution and unhealthy food habits are add on to our dull skin. Can it be reverted, she asked me. “Yes with lifestyle change and healthy nutrition you can get your glowing skin back”, was my affirmation.

As we age, the older cells of skin shed off and it loses its nutrients too. The problem is we find a solution in creams and ointments available in the market. Little do we know that those will benefit only superficially and for a shorter duration. If I say that there is a permanent solution for reversing the damage will you believe me? Yes, there is a positive outcome for this dilemma.

Skin booster for healthy skin : 

Foods are a rich source of nutrition. You have to make a wise choice accordingly to boost your skin tone. Consult an expert before experimenting with it.

1) Go green: I can feel you hate binging on salads. But best foods for glowing skin likely contain either Vitamin A, E, C, or a combination. Vitamin A  helps to release toxins from your skin. Vitamin E protects your skin cells from free radical damage. Vitamin C helps the body in making collagen, which helps us out as we age. You can try on healthy snacks as well as salads of your choice for accompaniment. Include veggies in your diets, it will help in making your skin glow. Sweet potatoes contain carotenoid which helps as a sunblock Tomatoes, bell peppers are rich in antioxidants that help in clearing free radicals which cause inflammation. Make your platter. Colorful for more health benefits.

2) Go nutty: Yes you heard me right. Go nuts over exotic nuts to help your skin glow. Nuts like almonds, walnut, and sunflower seeds can work wonders. They are power-packed foods to improve your skin texture. It also contains omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamin E that repairs dead skin cells. If you are hungry avoid junk food and switch to healthy nutritious options for a better living.

3) Go fruitulicious: Fruits are a rich source of nutrients. Colorful fruits are highly rich in all the vitamins and minerals too. It can be a substitute for healthy snacks. Avoid juices and try to binge on raw food to add on to extra benefits.

4) Go chocolaty: There is good news for all dessert lovers. Yes, desserts can be added to your list. Dark chocolate has a positive impact on your skin tone. If you are a sweet lover you can add them in a small quantity. They also help in making your skin firm. So it is useful during your aging period too.

5) Go probiotic: Researchers say that all your skin ailments begin with your gut. If your gut is unhealthy it will be shown on your face. Probiotics help in facilitating your is dead skin cells. If your gut is healthy it will reflect on your skin tone.

So, here I have shared few points which I advise my clients. If you know anything else do share it with us. Remember a healthy intake of food will leave a powerful impact on your skin I bet after following these small changes in your diet you can indeed be a show stopper at many groups. Till then stay happy and healthy dear, because you are worth it.