Health and Wellness with Dr. Bhavi

Holistic Healing for Women and Children using a combination of Homeopathy, Nutrition and Lifestyle Modification

Dr. Bhavi Mody is a Holistic Healer, Homeopathic Specialist, Nutritionist and Women health expert, working relentlessly to cure health ailments in women and children while promoting overall healing. Founder and Director of Health and Wellness with Dr. Bhavi, she believes in ‘Simple Sweet Solutions for Women and Children.’

Her subject-matter knowledge following her post-graduation in Homeopathy (Gold Medalist), and practical experience of over two decades, lend her the medical insight and therapeutic guidance to customize treatments to match individual needs. Operating out of her clinic in Mumbai, India, her vision is to provide Holistic Homeopathic healthcare globally.

Customized Treatments across Locations

She provides over 500 consultations a month with most of her clients being offline. Dr. Bhavi understands the time and geographical restrictions faced by many during their treatment and goes beyond these obstacles to offer the best therapeutic options to her clients.

She specializes in a range of ailments for women and children. These include: Women Health Hair fall, Acne, PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome),Fibroid, Pre and Post-Natal Complaints, PMS(Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), Thyroid imbalance, Menopausal issues, and Obesity among others.

Childcare: Colic, Teething, Allergies, Asthma, Exam phobia, Recurrent URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection), Skin ailments and improved Immune health along with several others.

Multiple Avenues of Engagement

Keeping with her aim to create a therapeutic impact globally for women and children, she also promotes Health and Wellness through numerous articles and blogs. In addition, she also has over 50 publications in various newspapers and magazines. An avid mental health enthusiast, she is a leading force behind the workshops and training programs carried out by EduPsyche – a multi-disciplinary institute that focuses on Education and Mental Health Care. Her expertise and passion for good health has led to a vast number of reputed organisations reaching out to her for interviews and medical know-how, including Sheroes, Women’sWeb, theIndusparent, WeAreTheCityShethePeopleTvNariSakhi,  MyCityWoman, StartupTalkies, Oowomaniya, BabyChakra, Times of india and The Healthsite among others.

Along with her holistic approach and customized treatments, it is her positive attitude and outlook on life that has clients always returning to her. She is a force of motivation and positive energy for all her clients, encouraging them to live a healthy, enriched and happy life.

As part of her social outreach initiative, she has conducted multiple camps for Osteoporosis, Asthma, Women and Child care. Commemorating her outstanding work and holistic approach to healthcare, she was honored with the WeAreTheCity Rising Stars Award India in 2016 in the Health and Well being category.