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Welcome to Vrudhi Holistic Healthcare

Vrudhi aims to Make Health Care affordable and convenient.

Vrudhi was founded by Dr Bhavi Mody and Dr Dhaval Mody in 1998. Vrudhi means Progress and that’s what the couple had in mind when they founded Vrudhi, when their twin daughters came into their lives.

The institution was initially a clinic then Vrudhi Research Foundation was established to help children with Academic, Behavioral, Career and Developmental issues. This gave rise to Edupsyche, a mental health company. They made an exit from the company and Dr Bhavi Mody, with her experience in Homeopathy and Mental Health founded Vrudhi Holistic Health Care to provide Holistic Health Care Services.

Vrudhi aims to Make Health Care affordable and convenient.

VISION: To make the planet a Healthier and Happier space.
MISSION: To empower and educate people to lead a healthy and happy life.Healthier and Happier individuals raise healthy and happy children. This will create more productive individuals and kids.

To establish Holistic Medicine as the means to #StayHealthyStayHappy.
Homeopathy is a green system of medicine that is Safe, Gentle, Holistic and with No Side-Effects.

Vrudhi,along with offering online and offline treatment plans organises various events to promote health and wellness. Follow our Events Calendar to know More. Vrudhi runs a FB group Your Health In Your Hands! to educate and empower masses. To join the group click here.

About Dr. Bhavi Mody

About Dr. Bhavi Mody

Dr Bhavi is a Post graduate with 2 decades of clinical experience. She aims is to create a therapeutic impact globally for women and children. She believes in “A Humane Approach to Holistic Healing” A passionate and Dedicated professional is a mentor guide and positive motivator to the patients. it’s her positive attitude and cheerful personality that has patients coming back to her.

Dr Bhavi has touched more than 3000 families and the list is growing. She also promotes health and wellness through numerous articles and blogs. In addition, she also has over 50 publications in various newspapers and magazines all over the country. She offers Sweet Solutions for Women and Child Health Care with Homeopathy and Nutrition. A doctor par excellence and a wonderful Human being!