During these social media trends, everyone simply dashes behind bushes to lose weight. People lose weight either if their family insist them to or their friend needs a gym partner, or maybe seeing some handles that give discounts on weight loss package or lastly old clothes doesn’t fit them. But now it’s high time we choose far beyond others expectations and be a strong decision-maker keeping our body in the priority. You should govern your body and when you are ready then only resolve to drive for it.

Secondly we humans are good liars as well as excellent at procrastination. We strive to the extent that you forget the requirements of your own body. After the year ends we strive hard to formulate unrealistic goals and yarn ourselves to achieve them. Then the actual game begins, one-two days pass by we manage to stick on to them. But do we stick to them? No after a week we juggle between those goals without cent percent endurance. The result is instead of losing weight we pile on extra kilos and feel awful about it in the end.

Before starting any protocol to shed off fat, keep in mind the following tips :

– One shouldn’t be harsh on its own body.

– Don’t procrastinate.

– Start with a small eating healthy habit from the very present day.

– Make a minor yet sustainable program to achieve your goals.

– Don’t have high expectations in short intervals. Be satisfied with what you lose. It’s better to lose small weights at a time so that it won’t bounce back overall again.

Remember your weight loss journey should not be abrupt but slow and steady yet endurable. From our childhood we are hearing about the tortoise and hare story, aren’t we? Indeed slow and steady will win the weight loss race too. Begin only when you are mentally and physically prepared then only you will achieve your goals.

In this blog, we have shared 5 secrets of sustainable weight loss. They are as follows:

1) Stay active: We come across people saying that ” I work for hours and hours at stretch but yet fail to lose weight, on the contrary, I tend to gain weight.” But they fail to understand one thing in those hours were they physically active or only mentally active. To be more precise, mental activities won’t help you to lose your kilos. They usually sit hours in front of the digital medium and work continuously. Activity is the overall physical movement of one’s body. We are not telling you to spend hours and hours in the gym. Start with small workouts though. Brisk walking may suffice. Avoid transportation for a small distance. In the office too avoid elevators and switch to the staircase. When you are seated continuously your body metabolism slows and your muscles and joints remain stiff. Hence inculcate a small workout routine at home or office and see to it that you follow religiously.

2) Sleep well: A normal adult requires 7-9 hours of sleep. Sleeping is essential as our body uses that time to detoxify, grow muscles as well as repair tissue. Our brain too needs some time to relax. But in this fast life, we remain awake due to office, house chores, or children or due to we series right. REMEMBER INSOMNIA MAKES US HUNGRIER AND WE TEND TO BINGE ON JUNK FOOD MORE. Do we cook late at night? No, we search for ready to eat foods for obvious reasons. But your body requires time for normal metabolism. Improve your circadian rhythm will help you in turn to achieve your weight-loss objectives.

3) Stick to portion diet: Do you love binging on salads and fad diets. How many days do you stick to strict dietary habits? Be honest. Not more than 5 days to be precise with your whole heart. Why is this happening? Because we are not loving what we eat. Our taste buds are not fulfilled with salads, veggies, or fruits. This is the reason why a portion diet is advised. Eat whatever makes your taste buds happy but in proper quantity. Portion control simply eating less or counting calories can be very useful.

4) Eat wholesome healthy food: Losing weight doesn’t mean that you have to binge on all the so-called dietary foodstuffs available in the market. Eat whole single ingredient food. Include fiber and protein in your diet. A high protein diet can improve your metabolism by 80-100 calories per day. Stop drinking fruit juices consume fruit instead. Have spicy foods as it contains capsaicin if you take chilies as an example which helps in reducing your appetite. Eat less refined carbs including white bread and pasta. Change few dietary habits and observe the magic yourself.

5) Drink water before meals: Researchers have shown that drinking water can enhance metabolism by 30-35%. Drinking water before meals for almost half an hour prior will help you eat fewer calories. This will enable you to shed off some calories.

Hope these few secrets help you achieve small realistic goals.

” Start your weight loss journey, when you are fully prepared,

Worry not you will sail through without despair.