I had my friend Sheela dropped in today as she had come to drop her daughter at some activity class next to my clinic.

We were talking and suddenly she says, she is feeling drained and not feeling up to the mark.
She had gained a few kilos,I saw and she looked drained.
So we just got talking about her routine and daily activities.
She almost started like ek ke Baad ek kaam khatam hi nahi hota.No Time she laments.
Home, kids,Dabba and work. Constantly juggling.

So when I told her she needs to start with exercise she looked at me as I was crazy and after listening to her hectic schedules was yet asking her to exercise 😱
She told me exercise where do I fit it in this?

So I thought let me put up some ideas for her and make her life Easy.
We all know Walking is the Best Exercise isn’t it? Nothing new nothing great about it.
10,000 steps each day are recommended.
Do you know how many steps and average Indian Walks according to a Stanford study?
Just 4297 steps a day. So let’s change this.
Let me make walking Easier For all my lovely Ladies like Seema. Oh these tips work even for the Handsome Men
So here you go….

5 Super Tips For Sheela

Walk and Talk

1. Walk and Talk is a Super Idea so Move when you talk.

Move your feet when working

2. In the kitchen getting food ready. You may not be able to walk,walk kind a walk but keep your feet moving when cooking. It adds on to your Steps.

Walk and Brush

3.Brushing your teeth,you don’t need to see yourself in the mirror right,so Move. Walk walk walk.

Walk and Watch

4.Watching a Serial- the commercial sucks right- get up and Walk. Even better walk and watch.

Walk and message

5.Imagine the Watsapp messages we send each day….
So while your fingers are typing,let the legs do the walking.
So let’s make all the Sheelas jawaan with #LetsWalk.