3 magical tips to help your Child boost Memory and beat Exam fear.

We are a country obsessed with Results and Grades.

I truly believe that it’s your skills and abilities that matter and the efforts that you put in matter the most.

Having said that it’s observed that children often succumb to pressure and development stress or anxiety before exams.

Exam phobias are for real.

Some kids find it difficult to comprehend even after putting in long hours of study.

For some fidgety lads concentration is an issue.

Child is unable to focus or concentrate when studying, sometimes is unable to recall what he studied.

At times the child answers all questions at home but during the exam forgets the very same answers.

These are Real situations parents come to us with. Many of them request for something that would aid their children.

We understand that it’s important to give your best and get the best score you deserve.

To aid Children with getting their full potential we at Vrudhi have curated a Memory kit.

This Kit has medicines and drops that help you boost memory,enhance your concentration and help you beat exam stress.

You need to start medicines 3 months prior to exams for best results.

Children in Grade 10 and 12 may start the medicines a year prior.

How can you as parents help your child.

1. Bolster a positive attitude for exams. Exams are part of education and the Result doesn’t define your child. When parents have a relaxed and positive attitude for exams,the same transpires to the child.

2. Instill confidence in your Child.

It’s important to tell reassure your child and tell him that your love for him is not dependent on his marks.

3. Teach your Child Relaxation techniques and Concentration strategies.

At Vrudhi we highly advocate these.

Use these 3 magic tips and the Memory kit to help your child put his best foot forward.

Should you wish to be part of the Vrudhi Family and order the kit mail us at support@drbhavimody.com or DM us.