WEIGHTLOSS ahhh! I seem to have hit the bullseye. Most of us are looking to have that perfect toned figure, isn’t it?

Media has played a huge role in defining the perfect figure. We all want that ZERO FIGURE and we are ready to do anything to achieve that weight loss. Expensive gyms, Crash Diets, Giving up on favourite foods, Meal replacements and what not for  THE WEIGHT LOSS.


The answer to it is NO! Keep it simple babes! HOW?

Here are the Doable tips to Lose weight and not gain it back again.

Understand that it is important to lose weight not for that DHINCHAK FIGURE but to stay healthy and happy.

Make it a Priority

Do we clean our  trash only because it makes the house look good? Do we send our kids to the School because all others are doing so? NO we do all this because it is IMPORANT.

You will  stick to your eating schedule and exercise schedule,  feel motivated only if you feel your weight loss is important.

Now you are reading further coz you feel it’s important so let’s figure out what to do next.

Self Acceptance makes you lose weight.

Love and respect yourself the way you are. If you do not respect yourself no one else will. So raise your self-esteem chin high and work towards your goal.

Get a lifeline- Call a Friend

Find Buddies and seek support. A family support boosts your confidence and keeps you going

Set smart doable goals.

Set short term and long term goals. Reward yourself when you achieve your target. Long term goal should be overall health improvement. The scale may not move every time but you may feel good, feel lighter, happier your clothes may feel lose all this should motivate you.

Be patient and Give Yourself time

We are talking of lifestyle modification and changes. This cannot happen in a day. Give yourself time. Look at each change minutely and positively. Do not give up if the scale does not move. Everything will not show on the scale. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY and neither can you do so keep patience and go on.

I know the title says ‘Quickly’ but believe me there are no shortcuts to losing Weight the Healthy way. Fad Diets that are Quick do more harm than good. Stay Away from it.

Eat right and not less is the mantra.

Eat more healthy food. Small, divided meals. Relish your food. Feel the texture and the aroma. Love your food. Eat to nourish your body.

Variety is the spice of life!

Variate with exercise and food. Your body is a mean machine gets used to everything you do. Keep the body guessing so variate. Try new exercises. NO pain No gain.

Hydrate well

Flush the toxins out and what better than water the ELIXIR of life.Consume adequate fluids consider infused water,herbal teas, buttermilk etc. Stay away from tetrapack juices.

Sleep well and stress less

Your body repairs the wear and tear when you sleep. So sleep well. Sleep and wake up at the same time help the BIO-CLOCK of your body to set its rhythm. The happy hormones help you lose weight so keep smiling.

Homeopathy to boost Metabolism

Homeopathy supports you so go for it. Why homeopathy coz it’s safe, gentle, reliable effective and most importantly no side effects.

It’s your friend in need that provides you with just that little support you need. It enhances the metabolism and acts like a catalyst to help you lose weight the Healthy way.