Baby skin is so soft and supple. All of us want that feel of the soft skin. Come winters and Little ones need the most protection for their skin.

Here are 10 tips for the same .  

1.Bathe the baby alternate days with warm water and make it quick. Keep bathing time as short as possible . For kids make the bathing time short and use lukewarm water instead of Hot water .

2.Pat Dry. Do not rub the skin.

3.Apply moisturising lotion generously immediately after the bath. Creams are a better option. Aloe Vera gel is a good option for babies and kids too. Moisturise the skin frequently through the day as needed. Babies and kids tend to have chapped lips and licking the chapped lips causes more damage in kids. Use a lip balm frequently. For kids playing out use one with a sun screen. In babies cheeks too tend to dry very fast. Moisturise the cheek frequently say every 2 to 3 hours.

4.Kids get sunburns even in winter so it’s essential to protect them. Wearing brimmed hats,or caps to cover the head and long sleeves with pants recommended. Cover the child adequately. Apply sunscreen with SPF 15 to 30 before going out

5.For babies use moisturising lotion,creams instead of powder in the nappy. Calendula ointment is most effective here. Keeps rashes away and gently protects the skin

6.We tend to use heater during winters this dries the air even more so maintain humidity of the room

7.Nose too tends to dry in the winters making it difficult for babies and kids to breathe. Apply a small amount of calendula ointment or vaseline in the nose too!

8.In winters we tend to feel less thirsty but adequate hydration is a must. Keep giving sips if warm water to the children and babies if already weaning if not Breast Milk is sufficient. This helps the skin and entire system.

9.If your baby or child is allergic to woollens use cotton clothes and layer them.

10.Homeopathy works for babies and kids very effectively. Cracked skin,infantile eczema,contact dermatitis,psoriasis etc respond well to homeopathy. Take care of your Baby’s skin this winter with the goodness of Homeopathy.