It’s quite a daunting task to think of what foods to carry for your Baby when you travel.

The excitement of the holiday turns into a pain…

Don’t let that happen to you.

Here are a few foods that you may carry with you.

Home made cereal 3:1
  1. Home made cereal:
    Mix 3 parts of cereal-rice, wheat, ragi anything + 1 part of pulses anydal – moongdal, turdal etc. Roast till it lets out a good n grind.
    Store it in an airtight container.
    Use like cerelac sans preservatives.

2.Roasted suji/dalia: Make upma or Kheer in a jiffy.

3.Nachni ladoos.

4. Besan ladoos.

5.Dry fruits-dates, raisins, prunes, Apricots etc. You can also make Dryfruit ladoos. Steam the dry fruits and coarsely grind or mash.
Take a little ghee in a pan once hot add the mashed dry fruits and mix till the mixture is smooth. Let it cool. Make small balls. Your ladoos are ready.

6.Nuts only after a year. Carry pista,cashew,walnuts. Cut into small pieces to avoid choking.


7. Healthy Nuts powder
Take 3 parts of Almonds, 3 parts of pista, 1 part of cashew, 2 parts of walnuts, some elaichi. Dry roast this. Let it cool and grind. Add saffron generously.and your health drink mix is ready. Mix 2 tsp in 1 glass of milk. Lesser qty for younger kids.

8. Fresh fruits readily available every where. So grate,puree, make milkshake and feed


9.Veggies too available so make soups,boil and mash,add to khichdi,feed.

10.Instant khichdi: Just like cerelac Mix 2 parts of Rice/dalia with 1 part of Moongdal Roast and grind. Your Khichdi Mix is ready. Cook in less than 2 minutes and feed.

Carry a rice cooker/ hot plate or a small heating rod which helps u boil water and milk.

Remember to Carry our Travel kit with you.